The Benjamin Foundation

In 2001, Jan and Bryson Garbett believing that there was more to business than just the bottom line, felt a responsibility, on a personal and professional level, to give back to the community. They believed their biggest impact could happen by forming a family foundation that could give back to the Utah community and the world.

Jan and Bryson didn’t have a lot of assets at that time as Garbett Homes was a relatively new company. However, they wanted an organization in place that their children could be part of while teaching the principles of hard work, volunteerism, and philanthropy. As the company prospered, the Garbett family has increased their donations to The Benjamin Foundation. Since 2001, the Benjamin Foundation, guided by Jan and Bryson’s vision and commitment to do maximum good, has donated over $3,900,000 to many organizations that are focused on religious, charitable, scientific, literary, and educational improvements on a national and international scale.

Here are some of the causes that we have supported over the years: 

  • Media Literacy Now: to support media literacy skills for children
  • Big Ocean Women: Participation in NY UN conference for the rights of indigenous women and girls
  • Building Youth, Utah Foundation: to support a garden project in a Mexican orphanage
  • Libertas institute: to support a libertarian think tank to advance the cause of liberty within the State of Utah
  • Interweave Solutions: for Lifting People Out of Poverty in developing countries through Self-Reliant Training
  • Academy for creating Enterprise, Homeless, International Center for Law and Human Dignity
  • Girl Scouts of Utah: Project focused on adult leadership and refugee Girl Scout units
  • Wasatch Community Gardens to invest in community vegetable gardens and how they grow the local food system
  • Escalera Foundation: Fund schools and scholarship programs for indigenous children in Chiapas, Mexico
  • Battered Women: support women who are victims of domestic violence
  • University of Utah: Provided $10k in scholarships in 2011 for College of Nursing; paid for the “Mother Teresa Room”, provided financial support to College of Humanities for writing studies scholar program – a 5-year commitment of $20K each year beginning in 2017
  • ASAP: Help High school first generation graduating students apply for college.
  • BYU-Hawaii: Funding courses that teach human dignity and religious freedom giving students from developing countries the tools to promote this in their countries.
  • Salt Lake Valley Habitat for Humanity: Provide ongoing expertise in construction and provided property forHabitat to build homes for seven families
  • Brigham Young University- Supported creation of new minor in the College of Family, Home, and Social Sciences promoting leadership in civic engagement opportunities and stimulating civic engagement
  • Southern Sudan Humanitarian: address humanitarian needs in war torn Sudan
  • Women for FUTURE (Families United Toward Universal Respect): Helping Iraqi women establish and grow their volunteer networks to help the country’s war widows and orphans in need of care and livelihoods.
  • BYU Immigrant Ancestors project: Enabled the university to begin Immigrant Ancestors database of millions of immigrants and their data from emigration registers for historical research purposes.
  • Salt Lake Choral Artists: $500K matching grant that enabled the choral artists organization to purchase their own building as well as commission a Native American choral work